Looking forward, our aim is to grow our sustainability ambitions across all the markets in which we operate and to find new ways to be more impactful as a group.” 

Alain Poncelet

ECOM Chief Executive Officer

Approach and strategy

Our pillars summarise the group-wide, strategic approach to ethical and environmental trading for the good of communities and for our shared environment.

As one of the world’s leading soft commodity suppliers, with a customer base in over 75 countries, we have a tremendous opportunity to embed sustainable, ethical practices into our global supply chains.

Our first annual Cocoa Sustainability report establishes the baseline against which we will measure our Cocoa commitments to ensure maximum transparency. We’re currently in the process of setting rigorous KPIs for Coffee and Cotton against our Group-wide Commitments. 

2021 Sustainability report

ECOM Group Sustainability Report

We’re continually striving to find the best ways to make a positive difference to the people we work with and the planet as a whole.

Here we report on our group-wide activities and achievements for 2021 and ambitions for the future.


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