Wednesday Feb 01, 2023

What to Look for in an Inpatient Rehab Center

Inpatient rehab can help you or a loved one get clean and sober. It offers comprehensive care, support from peers, and 24-hour medical monitoring.

What are the 4 levels of addiction?

The length of inpatient rehab center treatment varies but is generally based on the severity of the addiction. A less serious addiction may be better handled in a short-term inpatient program. However, some people with more severe addictions require a longer stay.

The cost of inpatient treatment can vary, depending on where you live, what your insurance covers, and how long you need to stay. Most inpatient centers offer sliding scales and scholarships, which can make it more affordable.

There are many different programs available, so you should find one that fits your needs. A few key components to look for include credentials, amenities, and the quality of the staff.

Some inpatient rehab facilities also have family programs. This is a great way for your loved ones to get involved, as well as help encourage your recovery.

A good inpatient rehab facility will be staffed by medical professionals, including a rehabilitation nurse. These nurses, known as CRRNs, are specifically trained to handle inpatient rehab.

As for the other amenities, you’ll want to check into the type of therapy offered and whether it includes holistic approaches. Holistic therapy can help you cope with triggers in your home life, and create relapse prevention plans.

Other features to consider include family education, nutrition coaching, and fitness. Depending on the facility, you might be able to use the gym or take a nap during your stay.

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