Tuesday Dec 06, 2022

Thailand Gaming Accelerator Program

The government of Thailand has put together a game accelerator program to improve the practices of Thai game developers and publishers. The program aims to boost Thailand’s gaming industry, as well as stem the outflow of tax revenue. It targets different categories, including popular mobile and social games, Chinese and Japanese markets, and local games. Currently, the program has produced games such as Blacknut by Gameloft and Antstream Arcade.

Who is the 1st gamer in the world?

The gaming industry in Thailand has grown significantly. Last year, the market value of this industry increased from 28.9 billion baht to 33 billion baht, and in early 2021, over 650 million people worldwide were playing Garena games online. Additionally, Sea (Thailand) has launched Shopee, a mobile shopping app in seven Southeast Asian markets.

More than seventy percent of the Thai population plays a video game regularly. Half of these เกมพนันออนไลน์ที่ดีที่สุด play every day, while another one-fifth play three or more days a week. The rest play less frequently, or once or twice a month. Most Thai gamers spend money on in-game purchases. Men are the most likely to spend money on playable characters, while women are more likely to buy in-game currency.

The gaming industry in Thailand has been growing rapidly, spurred by a number of factors. More people are now familiar with popular video games and more big-name games are coming to the market. Furthermore, there is an increasing variety of gaming options, and more channels for top-up games.

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